Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing – Knowledge And Skill

The roots of the company come from RM Mechanical, which was founded in 1976. George and Molly Drazic bought this same company from the original owner and founder in 2008. Soon thereafter, they named the name to Efficient Water & Mechanical in 2008. The name RM Mechanical had a connection with general contractors and tradesmen, […]

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning – A Culture Of Well-Being

Radiant was first opened under the name Brad Casebier Plumbing in 1999, and the owners later rebranded the company as Radiant due to the positive and upbeat energy the name has. This move toward a brand name rather than a person’s name was initially made to show that Radiant was a team effort, rather than […]

Woods Comfort Systems – Client Consideration

Since its relaunch in 2009, Woods has operated under the principle that they’re more than just a company. David Partan, the operations director, says that the company has roots in Texas that go back for three generations. The owner’s grandfather worked with the Bryant corporation in Tyler, Texas. It was at that point that he […]

Anchor-Ventana: Staying Power For The Discerning Professional

Established in 1977, Anchor-Ventana has made a strong and lasting impact on the community to this day. Despite the financial calamity of the mid-1980s, they managed to come out strong as before. Though sales declined and employees received pay cuts, their commitment to their customers never wavered. Though they have changed locations many times over […]