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With a strong passion for the city of Austin and the amazing climate for local businesses, you can rely on the 512 Review to be your main source of information in the city of Austin. No matter how big or small the story, it's our goal to get it out there for the community to enjoy at their leisure. And hey, we know it best. It's a big city, and getting all the info you're seeking out in one place can be extremely difficult or impossible, and you often have to gather together several different resources. 

Bookmarking several websites and subscribing to multiple local papers can still leave you wanting more. Keeping this in mind, it's our goal to take the most important information, put it in one centralized place, and bring attention to the most important stories. We're proud to call the city of Austin our home. This forms the core of what we do here at the 512 Review, and it's that love of community that has led us to create this free resource dedicated specifically to the hard working business owners of our region. Using the local information presented here in the 512 Review, you can easily plan out what fun activities you'd like to try out out over the next few months.

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Austin is growing at an exponential rate, and nonetheless spreads its warm and welcoming vibe to all those who call it home. We take it upon us to report on the attractions, highlights and events that make this city one of the best places in the USA to live and work. There are countless amazing stories, experiences and incredibly enterprising individuals that give you the services you need to increase your quality of life.

Whether it's the inherent beauty of our city, both natural and man-made, or the services that give our neighbors a better life in the form of dentists, home services and holistic healthcare providers, it's our goal to increase awareness of the best professionals in our city.

From the those just passing through all the way to those raising families in our great city, we want to make sure the passion and excitement Austin has to provide is something that constantly glows within each of us.