Glo Med Spa Austin – Relaxation You Can Feel

Let me just start by saying that as soon as I walked into this spa, I was instantly moved by a wave of calmness.

Everything from the decor to the scent in the air just seemed to make the stress of the day… Pause.

The stress in my shoulders instantly melted away, and I felt at peace.

But what’s the story about this place?

Glo Med Spa Austin was bought by the new owners Mickey and Sherry around ten months before the writing of this article.

The spa itself has been in business in Austin for a little over twenty years, which means the years of experience have crafted them into experts in the field of making sure all treatments are done safely and correctly.

There’s a list of around 4,000 people that have been loyal clients of Glo Med Spa for many years.

Many of the staff at Glo Med Spa Austin have been in this industry for many years as well, easily surpassing 60 years of experience combined.

Mickey’s background in the medical technology field always drove his passion for helping people improve the quality of their lives with the most sophisticated devices currently on the market, and he moved back to Texas specifically to run his med spa and get to know his clients personally.

One of the devices actually tightens your skin, and it’s great for those who have lost tightness in their skin due to aging or weight loss!

The centralized location of Glo Med Spa means that it’s easy for employees of such companies as Apple to pop right over on their lunch break and get cared for.

Mickey is also expanding the spa’s Thursday hours of operation to 8pm in order to cater to the patients that work until 5, as well as opening up on Saturdays by appointment only.

Some of the challenges of running a med spa is keeping up with the marketing aspects of running a med spa, Mickey says.

His goal for this new year is to add new services and to give his clients more opportunities to improve their health and happiness.

Two such services are a revolutionary fat loss device as well as tattoo removal. The question now is which manufacturers produce the best products for each problem that needs to be solved.

One of the most difficult aspects of running a med spa is keeping up with all of the rules and regulations, Mickey says. Glo Med Spa Austin takes this very seriously, however, and makes sure to get a physician to consult with their clients whenever necessary.

This is not always true of every med spa, which means they aren’t doing things the right way.

If there’s ever a procedure that Glo Med Spa Austin isn’t 100% sure they can deliver in the safest possible way, they’ll refer you to another service provider that specializes in that type of treatment.

The next plan is to open another location and beyond once this current one reaches full capacity, and due to the quality of care, this seems like a very likely outcome.

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