Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing – Knowledge And Skill

The roots of the company come from RM Mechanical, which was founded in 1976. George and Molly Drazic bought this same company from the original owner and founder in 2008.

Soon thereafter, they named the name to Efficient Water & Mechanical in 2008. The name RM Mechanical had a connection with general contractors and tradesmen, but it didn’t speak to the values of the company when dealing with homeowners.

The final evolution of the name Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing came when the business was expanded to better serve homeowners. George has a strong background in construction and had long been looking for an opportunity to enter this specific field.

In the mid 2000s, George was working for another company. He loved the company and his position, but constantly being on the road meant he couldn’t spend as much time with his sons who were just babies at the time.

This, coupled with the fact that he was in Asia quite frequently and George’s deeply help creative desire meant that he was driven to create something he could call his own.

The purchase of what is now Efficient was quite smooth, having been executed in only two months from start to finish. The name was fitting indeed.

Many of the original employees still work for George and Molly to this day, even after the sale of the business. This shows a deep level of care and commitment to the people that make a living with Efficient and also speaks to the quality of work that can be expected.

One of the more specialized capabilities of this business is the fabrication of metal duct systems. The grand majority of this work is done for other A/C contractors since the demand is so high (over 70% in this case,) while the remainder is done for their own projects.

The best thing about metal ductwork is that it’s highly durable and rodent-proof, which means that there will be fewer pest problems in the house.

If they had to start over again, George and Molly would have focused more on the service aspect and working with homeowners right from the start instead of working more on the construction side of the business. This is evidenced by the fact that over a third of the business’s revenue currently comes directly from working with homeowners to service the systems they already have installed in their homes.

George says that he’s driven to work with homeowners due to the personal connections that they have with the tradesmen at Efficient. During the interview, George stated that he would like to send a call out for both men and women that might like to work in this trade. The women, while being few in number due to availability, have always been successful due to their attention to detail.

One of the things that makes Efficient excellent is the fact that they send the same person to each individual house once a relationship has been created. This created a better experience which is evidenced by the great reviews everybody seems to be leaving online.

While their servicing may seem to be a little bit more expensive than some other companies at first, their dedication to giving a proper diagnosis will inevitably result in money saved for the homeowner.

This is further reinforced by the fact that the tradesmen at Efficient are encouraged to constantly learn new skills and expand the scope of their abilities, meaning that they have expert levels of knowledge in many areas of their industry.

Efficient prides itself on being a woman-owned business, and Molly Drazic not only owns more than half of the business, she also takes care of the payroll, HR, safety-related areas of the business, as well as things like collections and bank runs!

Another thing that makes Efficient a very trustworthy service provider is that they charge based on cost. What that means is that they won’t sell a cheaper system just so they can pocket more money. The fact that they don’t try to assess how much a customer could pay when calculating price is one of the reasons they’re so competitive.

They also don’t purchase equipment with the intent to sell, rather they purchase what the customer wants when they order it. This means that there isn’t any push to sell off a particular machine or system, and customers are free to pick what they feel will better serve their family.

As far as taking time off, George enjoys business as his primary hobby, with shooting clays coming in a close second. He likes to be able to take weeklong driving trips with his wife and three sons every spring break, but unfortunately, the boys are on a different cycle for the first time this year.

for this reason, they plan to have a family trip some other time this year, probably something like a ski trip to Colorado.

The future of Efficient will likely see a greater focus on maintenance, as well as integrating Plumbing and A/C to be able to offer a package deal to better serve the community.

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