Woods Comfort Systems – Client Consideration

Since its relaunch in 2009, Woods has operated under the principle that they’re more than just a company. David Partan, the operations director, says that the company has roots in Texas that go back for three generations.

The owner’s grandfather worked with the Bryant corporation in Tyler, Texas. It was at that point that he started his own company, which his son eventually took over. The current owner, Chris graduated from Texas State and decided to start a San Marcos branch of his father’s business in 2000.

He actually sold the company in 2007 and instantly realized he’d made a grave mistake. The corporation that took over operations after the sale of the business didn’t consider the human element, and instead only focused on their bottom line.

So in 2009, he started all over again, rebuilding from zero under a new name. Their primary goal was to give the San Marcos area a company they could count on.

Some of the massive advantages they had came from being a third-generation company, giving them the ability to fall back on the proven practices that worked time and time again with huge successes.

One of these practices is to treat the customer you’re with like the only one that matters, no rushing to get the job done or doing poor-quality work. Three words describe nicely what Woods aims to do with its client base, and that’s “inform, educate and offer.”

The core principle here is to teach people about the latest technologies for their house and what it can do for them, from indoor air quality to an energy-saving thermostat. Their quality and care for their clients shows in the numbers, and currently, that have over 1,400 customers that have maintenance contracts with them as of this moment.

Another great personal touch is that when their clients call them, they speak to one of their representatives, not an answering service. The person they talk to on Monday is the same on a Saturday night, and many customers are known on a first-name basis.

One of the biggest challenges they face nowadays is getting to know the next generation of laborers. The generation they’re seeing and more of is the Millenials, and David feels that they think and operate a little differently.

One of the things that set Woods Comfort Systems apart is the speed with which they react to emergencies, and the deep level of care they have for their clients. Most of the clients they currently have come from word-of-mouth referrals, as well as charity events they do such as Wounded Warrior.

Woods has done a great job of staying up-to-date with modern technology and takes care to make sure their online presence is perceived in a positive manner. Any disappointments with their customers are quickly resolved, quickly turning a bad situation into a good one.

Woods plans to continue its current growth in the next six months to a year for both plumbing and A/C heating. They currently employ around sixty families in their communities, and they’d like to grow another 20% in 2020 so they can employ even more.

One of the things David likes the most is being able to pick up the phone and ask a client how their experience was, and he’d be happy doing the same work for his community while guiding and nourishing his team for another ten years or more.

One of the reasons he enjoys having such an active role is that he gets to receive phone calls from his clients thanking him for having such a great team.

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be anything holding Woods back when it comes to growth in the new year. Continuity in their team and operations means that they’ve currently got the best team they’ve ever had, according to David.

Their plumbing division is still in the initial stages, and it’s specifically in this market that Woods is looking to make a huge push forward. Cross-promoting from their heating and A/C branch is going to be a huge factor in that growth, and only the future will tell.

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