Headspace Salon – Comfort and Class

To start with, there isn’t a single aspect of Laura North’s salon that isn’t built from the ground up to be a great environment for both customers and her stylists.

Laura started working as a stylist around nine years ago, working at a very successful commission salon in the Austin area.

Things were going great for about five solid years, but she knew she wanted more of a personal touch and an inviting atmosphere for her patrons. This feeling was amplified when she had her first son. It was time to move forward.

She then started renting a booth at a salon, allowing her to begin building her own client base. From the first day renting this booth, she knew that it wasn’t quite the fit she was looking for. So like any entrepreneur, she knew it was time to leave her comfort and make it on her own.

She immediately started writing out her business plan, attending workshops and taking classes to learn as much as possible within a short time. It wasn’t easy, but a year later she finally had everything ironed out, and felt it was time for her ideas to come to fruition.

The next hurdle was of course, to find a suitable location to run her business. And if you know anything about Austin commercial real estate, it’s that it can be incredibly difficult for a small business to find the space they’re looking for. Parking was a huge problem that plagued the decision-making process, but Laura didn’t give up.

From the moment Laura walked into the current location of Headspace Salon, she knew she had found the right spot. Despite the building’s troubled past of being used for underground gambling, a failing foundation, and a 16 year-old stray cat living in the back, Laura could see the opportunity.

Both her husband and father own businesses in the metal fabrication and construction verticals, and helped her craft her dreams into a reality. In fact, the custom front door was built by her husband’s welding business.

One of the biggest hurdles during this period of time was the permitting process which Laura felt wasn’t at all conducive to opening a small business. Things like hyper-connectivity with things like Facebook and Instagram make it difficult to keep up with the ins-and-outs of both the business and its marketing processes, but Laura nonetheless is very optimistic about keeping abreast of these technologies as they evolve.

Something that highlights Headspace Salon from other salons in the Austin area is the space Laura and her family has worked so hard to create, and the fact that while it is a higher-end salon, they also carry high-quality plant-based products.

The inviting atmosphere also allows patrons to feel like they can be themselves. Most of her new clients find her through word-of-mouth and social media, which comes to show you how happy the salon’s customers are.

The future for Laura would be for her to be able to step away from the business and allow it to function by itself. This is because of her entrepreneurial spirit and the constant ideas she finds herself creating.

This is evidenced by her plans of helping her stylists build their portfolios and careers, much like the phrase “A rising ride lifts all boats.” Laura wants all of her stylists to be successful and have fulfilling careers, and this stems from her passion for helping others to make their ideas come to fruition and live life on their terms.

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