East Side Fence- Unique Designs

Horizontal Shadowbox fencing by East Side Fence.

East Side Fence is a fencing contractor that treats every job as a separate project to ensure the best service possible. The fact that they don’t have to maintain an inventory helps them keep their costs down, which means the savings go directly to the consumer.

The fact that they don’t have to maintain any sort of office building is yet another great thing about this company, and it not only allows them to give the most direct type of service but also allows their pricing to be extremely favorable to the customer.

They have also cultivated many powerful partnerships with other vendors and contractors that are the product of many years of hard work and good business. This is mostly due to the exceptional culture that the owner, Kenny Nordell has built within the company itself.

this allows East Side Fence and its partners to give you the best advice on the market when it comes to planning your next project, backed up by their combined experience.

The owner, Kenny got his first big leg up in the world of fencing in 2015 when Mark Hutton of Round Rock Fence gave him the opportunity of becoming a sales rep. Kenny likes to think of fencing as something more than just a barrier, it’s the first place to make a statement.

Kenny says that his signature piece is horizontal fencing, and as you can see from the photo above, it not only looks amazing but is a sturdy boundary fence. If extra privacy is required, the shadowbox configuration closes the gaps inherent in all fencing without sacrificing any of the sleek styling of the horizontal design.

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